You've fasted now for about 2 days. My congratulations, although a select few of you cheated I know. I do after all, have friends. With whom I conversate. About life, sometimes.

It's way early in the morning/late at night. Me and my roommate Katie are passing a book back and forth, reading the same sections, one right after the other. Why are we doing this? Because we're cats who are slowly edging towards the last of our, well..my, 6th life. And all because of a book by Kevin Roose called "The Unlikely Disciple." So far, so good. Really good. It's about this guy, if you don't already know, who came to Liberty from Brown University as a sort of spy. He pretended to be an evangelical Christian to fit in as best he could, and wrote a book about his experiences at Liberty, a school that he thought was Jerry Falwell's version of a terrorist training camp. I recommend it. Up to this point at least, but I've heard good things about the rest as well.

I love Liberty. As much as I complain about it, it does have a way of endearing itself to me, with its quirks (to which I relate), with its oddities (the same), with its sense of unity and community (which I cherish), and with its reputation (the good parts I'll keep, the bad I'll try to disprove).

I'm starting to think that maybe God put me here for other people. Being at Liberty has taught me some things, none that I can really put my finger on right now (granted it is 2am) but I have been told by several people that I have had some sort of effect on their lives. That is both extremely encouraging and frightening to me. How great is my Creator that He can still use this mussed up whatever I am to affect my brothers and sisters, and future siblings, in a powerful way? I can't comprehend it. [Jon Styer, if you read this you should know that I held off some sarcasm right here. You're welcome. And no worries, it wasn't aimed at you.]

And once again, I must leave you to yourselves. It's my turn to read.



This week has been crazy. Creation Studies exam today. Philosophy (from now on to be known as Philawful, not because it's hard but because in most cases it's impractical) exam today. Presentation on Sexual Disorders and Dysfunctions in Abnormal Psychology today (which was really loads of fun, not kidding. A guy in my group...let's just say he accurately portrayed a person with a transvestic fetishism). Psychological Assessment and Measurement exam tomorrow. And the retardo class tomorrow morning. Love the material, the prof should go back to being a 3rd grade teacher fo' sho'.
-I like the autosave feature. It's neat.-

Stephen Baldwin was less than 500 feet from me. Mike Huckabee too. At the same time. Ron friggin' Luce spoke in convo this morning. (Please feel free to interpret that "friggin'" however you like.) Tonight at campus church a metal band played that I've never heard of (Dogs Of Pray?).
Liberty University is so unique.
Coffeehouse was Friday, and AMAZING. So funny, so talented. Look up some videos on Youtube. And go to www.justinkintzelproductions.com and hilarity will ensue if you watch the LUPD (Liberty University Police Department) videos and the Good, Bad, and The Ugly bloopers. I definitely have a new LU celeb crush: oh yes, Justin Kintzel. And no, Katie, he is not short. He's an inch or two taller than me, which is fine because I pretty much never wear shoes, much less high heels.
The celeb/stranger crush is my favorite. You know, sometimes you just have these people in mind and you think, "Hey, they seem cool." And you've heard them speak and seen them around and heard things about them. It's not a serious crush or interest, just an admiration I guess. But this could just be me. Be honest though. It's not just me, especially not at Liberty.
I've told you almost nothing of substance, which just means I'll be back soon because I can't let you starve. Just fast for a while. I should do something with my life, sorry. Take this opportunity to realize just how good a steak would be right now...