Suggestion Box

I haven't mentioned this before, but during this Lent season I decided to fast from volitional music. This means that I cannot turn on music or willfully expose myself to it. It has been difficult, and sometimes the silence is overwhelming. I knew it would be, but I did not know it would also be oppressive.
I came into this expecting to hear things that I had been missing, like the voice of God in certain situations, but so far it's been mostly missing things that I want to hear. At the least I know I'll have a greater appreciation for music than before. I've been listening to a lot of teaching when I drive, because the silence lends itself to sleepiness because I mostly drive early mornings and late nights. That's been great, and I think I'll continue that even after Easter. 
That being said...I have less than a month to go. Before my birthday and Earth day and Good Friday. Also, before Easter, two days later. 

I'm wondering...what should be the very first song I listen to when that glorious day dawns? Suggestions?


Run, Story, Run.

Sometimes I let my stories run away with me.
Like this time, with this person, in this situation, in this not-sure-it's-really-real hope of mine.

I read an article the other day that made an argument about the nonexistence of true drama in most of our lives. Growing up we hear stories, read stories, watch stories that ebb and flow, rise and fall to and from great heights. We come to believe that our lives should look like this, and adding to this the sitcom-watching culture, we believe it should look like this all the time. Disappointment and despair arises when life is actually...real life.

I listened to a teacher today (via Internet) talk about how the Psalmists lamented and yearned for decades before God would show up in the way they pleaded for Him to act. Sometimes it never happened in their lifetimes.

Boom. Where's that hope and patience now? Am I really willing to wait for time to catch up with God's plan, assuming my story matches His? 

Most of my hopes for my life include adventure and exploration and the continual growth of knowledge and wisdom and love and peace. Average is my worst nightmare. I don't want to settle. Ever. 

Anyway. Here are some pictures of my hair that I took today. It's now been nearly 3 weeks since it has seen anything but water and conditioner. Several days since any sort of combing action.

it's gotten so long.
i made those earrings for my gauges today.



Sometimes I'm okay with the idea that only my mother reads these posts on a regular basis.
Now is one of those times.

Because I haven't shampooed my hair in over 2 weeks. I haven't used any sort of cleanser on it in over one week. 
I have however, rinsed it out with water nearly every day, conditioning only the ends so they don't get dry. And last week's cleaning was with diluted baking soda.

You. Would. Not. Believe the difference it has made in my hair's health. No frizz. No tangles (and I haven't brushed it in at least 3 days). And suddenly I have this incredible curliness that I haven't had since I was a small child. 

It is only itchy late at night when I'm tired (and I'm almost certain that itchiness is my body's "hey, i'm tired" mechanism anyway). And it looks clean, as if I washed it yesterday. It does eventually get greasy-looking/feeling, but then out comes the baking soda, which surprisingly leaves my hair soft and super clean without the crunchiness. Two tablespoons+16 oz of water does the trick. My goal is to see just how long my hair can go looking and feeling good without a cleanser attacking it. I'm hoping for at least two weeks. 

I was pretty nervous about this experiment at first, but my cheap and natural-method-lovin' self couldn't help but give it a chance. I may be converted. The true test will come with the sweaty summertime. If I remember I might take a picture tomorrow and show you what it looks like 9 days departed from a cleanser.