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I haven't mentioned this before, but during this Lent season I decided to fast from volitional music. This means that I cannot turn on music or willfully expose myself to it. It has been difficult, and sometimes the silence is overwhelming. I knew it would be, but I did not know it would also be oppressive.
I came into this expecting to hear things that I had been missing, like the voice of God in certain situations, but so far it's been mostly missing things that I want to hear. At the least I know I'll have a greater appreciation for music than before. I've been listening to a lot of teaching when I drive, because the silence lends itself to sleepiness because I mostly drive early mornings and late nights. That's been great, and I think I'll continue that even after Easter. 
That being said...I have less than a month to go. Before my birthday and Earth day and Good Friday. Also, before Easter, two days later. 

I'm wondering...what should be the very first song I listen to when that glorious day dawns? Suggestions?

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  1. Hmm, as your AP...I would say anything Reba related..