The lack of text colour options makes me sad, and indecisive.
I have no idea why I started to write this post to be honest with you. I know that I have 5, maybe 6, exams within the next 4 days. I know that I have a Psychological Evaluation to write up before Monday. I know that I might have caused myself to have to repeat a class. I know that one of my roommates just walked in the room. The first thing she says: "I had a caterpillar. His name was Julio." Evidently she found him on her way back from her fiance's dorm, and now he's on a tree next to our dorm (quite the migration for a caterpillar, mind you.)

I know that I overdrew my checking account by about $200 dollars. Choo no wat? Gas be 'spensive, yo! I didn't realize to what extent until I counted up how much I had traveled in the last month or so, and paying for all the gas on my own: 2 trips to Look Up, 1 trip to the Busch in Williamsburg, 1 trip home, and 1 trip to Washington, DC. Shoot man, I lived in my car every

I know that I have 2 weeks until I move into the Cliffs at Look Up for the summer!!! I can't believe God has blessed me with the opportunity to work with amazing staffers and kids/teens again this summer. I really, really don't deserve one bit of the chance to do this or the praise for whatever comes from it. That's all to God, and for God. He's just granted me the ability to do it. Oh man, I can't wait! ANDuhh...My summer roommate is Sydney Brown, who is super great. I love her, and I've met her once.

And now, back to studying, because I do have 2 or 3 exams on Monday and 3 more on Wednesday...and I'm watching Hitch tonight no matter what.

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