As per the tradition, which I love, on the Last Night of Summer each staffer (and video guy) gives one single word (or more. or wombo.) to each other staffer (and video guy). 

As per the tradition, it was great and filling.

As per the unusual, I switched a couple of my words for the others at the very moment which I wrote them. One of these words was assigned to Jake, my brother in Christ. His word was changed to "Elijah." It was fitting, is fitting (and Spirit-led, as I later found out.) But as I keep seeing my list, and thinking about the words I gave the others, Elijah kept coming up. I realized that I knew very few details of his life, although I could tell you his character(istics) easily. That needed fixing. (As does my knowledge of many Bible things. Isaac is next, I think. I gave that one to Lanier.)

(I like parentheses a lot evidently.)

So. Here's a summary of what I learned:
  • he commanded no dew or rain until he said so
  • God told him to live beside a brook, from which he drank. And ravens brought him bread and meat every morning and evening
  • when the brook dried up, God convinced a poor widow woman with a son to provide for him
    • He did this by multiplying her sparse supply of flour and oil until the rains came
  • he revived her dead son
  • he was a very bold man, in his words to Ahab and Jezebel and to the people at large
    • one that convicted me: 1 Kings 18:21
  • called down fire on Mt. Carmel (duh)
  • he ran faster than Ahab and Jezebel rode in chariots to Jezreel
  • he ran for his life (or literally his 'soul'), away from Jezebel's threat 
    • he wished for death
  • an angel of the Lord came to him twice and gave him food and drink "because the journey is too great" for him.
    • the second dose of this food gave him strength enough for 40 days and nights while he traveled to Horeb, the mountain of God
  • on this mountain, he experienced the Lord passing by
    • I love this passage- 1 Kings 19:11-12
  • Elisha was his servant/disciple/pseudo-descendant
  • Elijah was a true prophet of many things, like the death of Ahab, and remained bold in his speech
  • There are long periods where the Lord did not speak through/to Elijah, but may have used others such as Micaiah
  • he evidently made a habit of sitting on mountaintops in the presence of an angel of the Lord
    • In my head I see this as a reverse Transfiguration kind of thing, see Mark 9
  • he called down fire two more times, on two captains and their groups of fifty men each
  • he parted the waters of the Jordan with his mantle so that he and Elisha could walk across on dry ground
  • a chariot of fire and horses of fire went between he and Elisha, then he was caught up by a whirlwind to heaven
    • he WAS NOT taken up by the horses and chariot, just separated from Elisha. the whirlwind took him up
  • Elisha received a double portion of the Spirit that Elijah had. Elisha's life is interesting too.
The end.
Here are some pictures that I took that I like. Because photos are always a nice addition:


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