What now?

Today was the first day that I was truly on my own on camp. No summer staffers left.
I have never had such an odd feeling. 
Of being alone but not really, of being a stranger but not really.
This will be my third night alone in Redwood. And yes, I lock myself in. Quickly.

Today I have not had a full verbal conversation with another human being since around 9:30 this morning when I came to the Lodge to see if I could stay one more night in Redwood. Other interactions have been:
"Yes, I'll be there at 8:30am for the interview."
"Can I have...?"
"Thank you."
And that's about it. 
What a drastic shift from camp! My mind alternates from a mile a minute to absolute blank. I feel like I haven't had a conversation in weeks. It doesn't feel good, but I have yet to decide if it is good. 

So, the interview. Listen to how God provided for me and glorified His Name:
Friday afternoon, I take Walter Howard's advice and just show up at Wilderness Way in Fair Play, SC. The director there sits down with me, briefly looks over my application while asking me some questions about myself. After about 15 minutes or so, he says that if they had a job opening he would without a doubt offer it to me. IF. But the job, every job was filled. My contact person there had not told me. The director said that he truly wished he had a job for me, because he wanted me to work there. He seemed sincere.
He was sincere. How do I know? He called around to four or five other places on my behalf, trying to find a job for me! He found one at the Tamassee Daughters of the American Revolution School. He must have given them a fantastic review of me, because they wanted me to come over immediately to fill out an application. So I did. 
Listen to how God glorifies His Name:
After scanning over my application, the lady at DAR tells me that I would be great at this job, but she just wanted me to feel like I would be great at it. By this she means that I am coming in for a full interview so that I can learn more about their program-n-such. After this conversation, the CEO walks in and says to the lady that he's got a really good feeling about me already. That interview is at 8:30am tomorrow, which means leaving Look Up no later than 7:30am to get there. It's a beautiful drive.
It's a beautiful life.
It's a beautiful story.
He's a beautiful God.

I have so much to tell everyone about this summer. Oh. His. Goodness.

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  1. ahhhh, this is so exciting. Call me when you get a chance. i wanna hear everything.