Also, 1 Corinthians 1:18

Too many times for my liking in recent weeks I have been referred to as a Child or Young or other phrases that essentially mean that I don’t know what I’m doing with my life at the moment and will eventually wise-up, changing my convictions and lifestyle to be “more responsible.”
(Just FYI, ANY amount of times is too many times for my liking.)

This is one of the very few things that a person can do to really get me riled up. Boy, I get mad. It’s so frustrating because they don’t even know me or my life.

Yes, I’m only 21 years old. But look at my life thus far. Please, tell me where I’ve proven my foolishness and overt stupidity. Please, tell me why you feel you must advise me about how to be successful in this supposed “real world.”

Honey, please. (Also, “Honey” is the name I use when I’m being condescending but wanting to sound nice. Welcome to Southern culture.)

I’m sorry it bothers you that I don’t believe in saving $50 a week so that when I retire I’ll have a million dollars. (And don’t doubt me when I tell you I don’t WANT a million dollars. I don’t.)
I’m sorry it bothers you that I’m not too sure I believe in retirement at all.
I’m sorry it bothers you that my definition of success is not financial in nature, and that I believe I can be successful without opening my own counseling office.
I’m sorry it bothers you that I believe in taking a true Sabbath, despite the adverse effects on my other days.
I’m sorry it bothers you that I believe in taking each day as it comes, and letting God be God over my future.
I’m sorry it bothers you that I am young and free.

If all these beliefs and convictions I have are simply sprung from my youth, so be it. Let me be young. Let me enjoy the Free Spirit my Father has given me.
If all these beliefs and convictions I have are simply sprung from my youth, about 4 people severely misquoted the Christ.
You, for whom my heart aches, are trying to teach me Westernized Christianity.
I have tried for several years to rid myself of that, and I shall never return.

Yes, I am young. Yes, I am learning, and will continue to be, for the duration of my life. Yes, I am capable of acting in foolish ways. Yes, I am unsure about where my life is going in this temporal world. Yes, I would love financial security and to have planned out everything and to take control of the situation.

No, I will not bend my ways. No, you will not be allowed to teach me shallow and faithless ways. No, you will not call my actions foolish when my Saviour lived an even more “foolish” lifestyle than I. No, I will not try to figure out where I’m going and when. No, I will not seek financial security and control.

God said He’ll provide for me.
To have faith like a child, I must take Him at His word.
And I’m doing my daggum best to do just that.
Call it what you will.

“Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity, show yourself an example of those who believe.” -1 Timothy 4:12

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