My apologies to the trees I will destroy in the future.
(I can't believe I just said that.)
(I can't believe I'm advocating the loss of forestry.)

I miss the feel and smell of paper. I knew it well once, and I want those in the future to know it well too. 
So, whether or not anyone in the future has an interest in reading what I have to say, I am going to attempt to write, literally write, whatever I usually type. Because although the internet and computers may always be here, there's simply nothing like memories preserved in a physical form of some sort.

This idea was spurred by this post by Lacey Keigley, which spurred my heart to much sentimentalism and good heart-hurt. So thanks, Lacey, for all the hand cramps and pen purchases I may endure. 

I also wish I took more pictures of people, instead of places and things. And that we still printed pictures. I want a photographer for my life. Who's up for it?

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