Last Thursday night at house church I was asked what I would like to be remembered for. Not when-I'm-dead remembered, but when-I'm-no-longer-in-a-person's-life remembered. Slight difference.

My answer: I would like to be remembered as a catalyst for growth.

I am absolutely enthralled by growth in Creation. Plants, animals, humans. Height, knowledge, behaviour. Positive change entrances me.

I have had the exquisite pleasure of being able to spend the last 4ish years of my life in situations that blatantly encourage and spur on growth. And I've had the even more poignant experience of seeing my best friends become better than best.

One of those dear friends is Christopher Hunt. My very first AP, the one who successfully suckered me into believing in myself as a capable teacher and leader. He's moving to Vermont in a matter of hours. And although I don't often see or speak with him, it's a bit disheartening to know he's not going to be just a couple hours away, just in case. But that's my selfishness. I know he will thrive in the Very northern Vermont because that's just what God does with Chris: catapults him into unexpected situations that allow creativity, leadership, hilarity, kindness, humility, and strength to freely flow. Good thing Jesus also gives Chris those needed things in abundance.

So anyway, there you go. Chris, I know this will be difficult but fantastic. And as much as I want to steal your life as my own right now, I also know that God's writing my story just as fantastically as yours. You'll have frozen tundra while I have frozen yogurt...trade?

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  1. I think I will keep the frozen tundra. I had my frozen treat days. Thank you for saying such kind things about me. It has been so encouraging to have you be part of my life, and I am so glad I will continue to have you be a part of it.