I didn't completely forget about this thing. I did forget the password (no worries, I set it this time so my computer remembers it for me). It's been not quite a month since my last post. I think this is going pretty well so far.

What can I tell you that will hold your attention? Maybe that I've decided to not care how professional (or not) my eventual career looks on paper? Or that I'm not doing the wisest thing (through practical eyes) about my graduate school decision? Fine. I'll start with those.

Side note: I hate that when you push tab, even in a text box, it moves the cursor to the next text box. Why shouldn't it just tab like a normal document? Oh, the extravagantly simple things that bug us nowadays.

I'ma try to get into Clemson University for graduate school (cheers all 'round, except from my mom). BUT, not into a residential program. I would if they offer this major residentially, but they don't, so I'm not. It's an online Master's in Youth Development Leadership. I looked up the courses for it (all 36 credit hours worth) and fell in love with the idea. I'm fairly certain I popped my hip out of joint I fell so hard. The classes are about the very things I'm passionate about: how to help teenagers make better decisions, how to help them grow up healthy, even how to write grant proposals to be able to fund programs. Perfect. Only it's not 'practical' because even though it's through Clemson, some employers still don't like the online part. And all I really want to do as a career is hang out with teens and pre-teens. If I can get paid for that, it's even better. A camp or group home atmosphere would be ideal, and this degree would be beneficial in either of those fields, neither of which appears 'professional.' I've been warned against this course of action by one of my favorite professors, but he's not me, though I admire his intelligence and heart very much.

[Special thanks to Jes Billet for waking me up to what I had given up on during a one-hour happen-stance conversation in the Tilley Center last week. She and I have the same heart for teens-n-such. She's wonderful. Know her if you can.]

Any other news? I finally got those Chaco's. Never fear Teva dears, you will still be worn on occasion. Probably in the mud though. I'm currently stretched to a 12 gauge earring and will go up to a 10 next month. My phone is dying and alerting me of this every 5 minutes. I have 2 weeks until Spring Break (whose only benefits are the opportunity to read a book/write a report and work on the blanket I've been crocheting for months now. And the possibility of seeing Anna Beth, whom I will live with should I get into Clemson).

All these pictures you see in my posts and my background, God has blessed me with the equipment and ability to take. I hope you like them. I do. PSYC 430 with Dr. Scott is possibly the most chill class to have ever existed. Just so you know. You're welcome. Have a good day, loves. Because for once, I've had a good week.

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