I drank my first full cup of actual, not mocha or latte, coffee about 2 hours ago. It was semi-enjoyable. I pansied it up first with creamer and sugar.

Now I'm wide awake, but I can feel the fakeness of it. And the crash is looming ahead of me.

Sometimes I think that my bunk bed is kinda like those Blob things they have at some camps. You know the things that you put one person on the far end, just sitting there. Then someone else (preferably a large someone else) jumps on the opposite end catapulting the other. My bed is like that. That 'someone else' is my alarm. I'm sleeping comfortably...then all of a sudden I'm thrown into a panic by a loud BEEHHHHH sound that scares me half to death every time. And daggum that water's cold. 

Listen to how God blessed me this weekend/for the rest of the year: I'm not volunteering at the girls' home like I did last year because there was only one of the seven-ish girls there that I bonded with. I didn't feel like God was calling me back there, so I now work at this outdoor, horse farm, ministry place. It's really cool. I get to be outside, be with animals and kids all at once. And guess who also volunteers there every other Saturday with her mom? Yeah, sure as anything, it's that one girl, Payton is her name. I was blown away. 

I love how powerful and just great my God is. 

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