I like when the things I learn in class apply to real life.
Psychological Principle: Visual recognition depends on stored knowledge.

Yesterday as I was leaving Demoss (an academic building/home of the library at LU) I passed a guy who was really frightened of something. I asked him if he was okay...his response was to point at the ground and say, "Is that a grasshopper?" 
It was NOT a grasshopper. It was indeed...a praying mantis. It was about 5 inches long and walking. 
I almost laughed at him. He asked if they jump, fly, or bite. I answered his questions. He asked what a grasshopper was, if that wasn't one. I explained as best I could. (how do you explain a grasshopper?)

I could not imagine someone not knowing what a grasshopper was. Really? You mistake a praying mantis for a grasshopper? I guess he hadn't seen either one of those before. That's sad. 

But what was encouraging is the fact that he was presented with the choice of destroying the unknown scary creature or gaining knowledge about it, and he chose to let it live and explore it. 

Good for you, brother. I'm proud of you. 

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