SIMWs #6

While stickin' it to the man by skirting around the new "you can't hang things from your ceiling because it's a fire hazard" rule, I ran some wire back and forth right underneath the ceiling and hooked it on Command hooks.

While sleeping on the third or fourth night after doing the above, one of the wires dislodged itself from the hooks and almost scared the Jesus out of me. One poster, one photograph of LUL girl staffers, 6 strips of bandanna, 4 strings of glow-in-the-dark yarn, and one origami elephant crashed down on me. And stayed there for the rest of the night.

While reading a card from a dear, dear friend, I discovered that this dear friend had written me a check for $400. To pay for school. I thanked God for you before, beloved one, but now my whole family does. I still can't believe it. 

Oh, precious is the flow
That washed me white as snow
No other fount I know
Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

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