'Splain Yo'self

I realized the other day that I never did tell y'all where the title of my blog came from.
(Don't pick at me about my grammar-n-such. I don't have to be formal here, and I'ma be informal whenever I can)

The title comes from a combination of two different songs. You guys know how I love music that makes my heart soar or smile. These songs do just that.

The first, The Ascent by The Classic Crime, has no lyrics. It's just an instrumental piece, and it is beautiful. Not calm-beautiful. Heart-flying beautiful. And I like the name of it, it's very fitting.

The second, Sun in an Empty Room by The Weakerthans, is more chill, has lyrics, and just sounds happy. It's not really a happy song, but it has so many great lines, creative lines that it endears itself to me. 
Lines like: "now that the furniture's returning to its Goodwill home"; "take this moment to decide if we meant it, if we tried, or felt around for far too much, for things that accidentally touch"; "parallelograms of light on walls that we repainted white"; "take 8 minutes and divide, by 90 million lonely miles".
The second one gets me. I do that all the time, reading too much into things.

The actual web address comes from a song by The Fold, called New City. For me, it's about how I don't want to stay where I am. Sometimes I mean geographical, most of the time I mean mentally/spiritually. It's not okay for me to stagnate and get cold. 

I also love the line in that song that says: "midnight is where the day begins, get up and get over it. The darker the berry, the sweeter is the wine." That's just good. Good. I like metaphors and similes and analogies. Probably because they create a better story, and I love stories. 

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