SIMWs #8

While walking to the Rot during yet another powdery snowfest, I realized that the footprints in the newly settled snow looked way too much like what a detective would love to find. I started humming the Pink Panther theme song.

While looking at some pictures a friend was tagged in on Facebook, I decided that at some point in the (hopefully) near future I want to make a mug in the shape of a giant tobacco pipe. 

While looking out my dorm window, I saw that the snow dinosaur has been melted somewhat, and now looks more like the Loch Ness Monster, lawn-dragon form.  

While eating various things, I remembered how I usually like to eat food small pieces at a time. In theory, this helps me eat slower, allowing my stomach to realize it's full, thus I eat only the appropriate amount. I ate some crispy noodle things one at a time. I ate some cheerios by first stringing them on a paperclip. Inevitably though, I get tired of doing this and just grab a handful of whatever-it-is and chomp away.

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