And so it begins

Intake Assessment.
(way too early)
(and I'm up way too late for that)
The first step.
This counselor's about to get counseled.


  1. I love counseling.
    (Well, maybe not the sharing-your-junk part but I sure do appreciate the feel-better-after-realize-I-am-not-crazy-or-alone part.)
    Embrace it all
    and trust the truth to set you free.
    (And let go of that Fear of Man. It's a sermon I am constantly preaching to myself.)

  2. I did the Intake Assessment (one big computer test, actually).
    I'm honestly a little concerned about the validity of the counseling I'm about to receive starting Monday.
    The counselors may or may not be professionally licensed therapists. (not a great thing for a psychology student to hear).
    I'm trying to be optimistic and open, but I just don't need to hear "You need to have more faith. Love Jesus more" right now...

    (And I'm trying. It's going to be a long process. You'll hear more about that soon, I'm sure.)