Somehow or other I forgot to tell you about this wonderful lady I met a couple weeks ago.

Her name is Ella. And she shines.

I met her while I was volunteering at Amazement Square. This place is so fun. Indoor zip line. Glass walls where painting is encouraged. Slides. Fun educational exhibits, and more. Wonderful.

Ella was a vendor during a women's event being held there. She was offering discounts on tickets to musical and operas. She was dressed in a classy long black dress, wide red belt, red 1950s era hat, and red lipstick. 

She stopped me to talk to me about my hair. She asked how old I was, and after having found out, she told me a story. A short summary, but a story. She said that when she was my age, she took a bus to Juneau, Alaska, hitchhiked another 500 miles into Alaska, lived in a tent, and worked at a fish cannery. I had no doubt that it was true.

All that, just to tell me: "And I braided all my hair and put beads in it. Enjoy it while it lasts."  
There was a light about her, and come to find out, she's a believer. Oh for joy!

She is now 35. She made such an impression on me, just in that 10 minute conversation about freedom and adventure and beaded hair. She said that things for her had changed, but the same spirit and the same Spirit was still there. 

Lord, let that be true in my life. Keep your Spirit vibrant and free-flowing into my life.

I hope I see her again. I want to hear the whole story. 

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