Remember my last post?
Yeah well, it's not far from here so get familiar.

This happened today at my internship:
(me sitting in the classroom with 13 year old Lakia, helping her with homework)
::the beginning of the normal phase of random questions::
-Lakia-"You got a boyfrien' Staysee?"
-Stacy-"Nah, Lakia, I don't."
-L-"You gon' git marrie' one day?"
-S-"Maybe. Don't know yet."
-L-"You shou'. You too pretty ta not have a boyfrien' uh husban' one day."
-S-"Awww. Thanks Lakia. That really means a lot to me."
(and it did).
-L-"Miz Staysee, can I come to yo' weddin'?"
-S-"Lakia, if I get married, and if I can find you, you have a definite invite to my wedding."
-L-"You know my las' name?"
-S-"Yup. Mull."
-L-"Alright now. Don' forget."
-S-"I won't Lakia. I'll remember."
(and I will).

Thank you Lakia.
And you, Jesus. 

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