When I live in a house that's not my mom's or a dorm or the Cliffs I don't think I'm going to have mirrors in it.

Or maybe just one. With limited, morning-time viewing time. Then it'll be covered up.

This might just be something girls do. But that I am, so this I do:
I'll spend my day (some days) feeling pretty good about myself and how I look. I feel confident, healthy.
Good. (a word that is now cheapened. we'll talk about that later)
But then. 
I'll walk into a bathroom, or past a window, or need to go through a glass door (even though I'm not green.)
And I'll see my reflection. I'll see me. Instead of my idea of me. 
And most days, that confidence, healthiness, goodness evaporates.
I think "Man, I don't remember me lookin' like that." And sigh. 

So, I will not have excessive mirrors in my house in an effort to avoid those times.

Because it is much easier to deal with that than to deal with learning how beautiful I am to God.
Than learning how my heart's beauty matters much more than my body's beauty.
(this one is hard because my heart doesn't feel too beautiful sometimes)


  1. I think we should boycott mirrors!! like Lacey is boycotting Walmart!!! Because I do the same thing---and the full length mirrors should be banned. (By the way, went was this picture taken?)
    Love you!!!

  2. The picture was taken that time I went hiking by myself up at Alta Mons...whenever that was. Right after camp, maybe?

    love you too, anonymous.

  3. I'll see me. Instead of my idea of me.

    That, my very beautiful friend Stacy - is poetry.

    I like your writing.

    I think it's good. (Better than, actually.)

    And I like you.

    And if we don't arrange a time this summer to meet regularly we will be cheating one another out of some important conversations.

  4. Lacey, thank you.
    I take your compliment about my writing very seriously because you yourself are better than good (at many things, writing included).
    So thanks.

    And you are completely right.
    And I have a feeling that we will have many things to talk about.