The Goal.

Why do I want to write a book?
So I can be like Don Miller: Using very normal, average, everyday stories from my life, spiced up with some 20/60 hindsight vision, procure a large and loyal following and a decent sum of currency.

That’s only partly true. I’ll let you decide which is the true segment.

Oh, and so that other very normal, average, everyday people will know that with some 20/60 hindsight vision very abnormal, excellent, extraordinary things can happen.

Why do I want to write a book?
So I can perhaps finish a large project that I initiated.
So I can see whether or not I have things in my mind worthy of the written word.
So I can document my thoughts, regardless of their worthiness.
So I can one-up my mom’s book.
So I can cultivate my language, communication, and imagination skills.
So I can maintain what writing skills I already have attained from school.

So I can. For the express purpose of. In order that. Because.

In my 8th grade English class (or was it still called Language Arts back then?), in which we studied a great deal of philosophy, it was concluded that the only viable answer to the question “Why?” is the single word “Because.”

Because, meaning “for this reason” or “for the cause of.” The word’s sole job is to preface an explanation.

Good thing so many things need explaining around here. Otherwise Because would be very lonely.

Today was a good day. Why? Because: I was allowed the great blessing to see two of my best friends, Laura and Ryan, and to go with them to see two other friends sing at an acapella choir concert.

I often forget how much I have a love/hate relationship with Laura’s eyes. Why? Because: They are filled with truth-seeking, and sometimes I am not full of truth.

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